Suim Shin
Indira Pappaterra
Katie McLean

International School Teacher

“Kavita’s coaching really got me to think about my thoughts, stresses, goals and ambitions on a deep but realistic level. She helped me organize these and figure out ways to prioritize and work through them. This in turn has eliminated unnecessary stress and makes me feel more organized and on top of things both at work, and at home. THANK YOU!”

Kelly Jaye Schwedhelm

International School Teacher

“I started working with Kavita because I was very stressed about my time. In addition to being a full-time international school teacher, I have a couple of leadership roles and am a single parent with a young child. In just 2 months of working with Kavita, I realized that I have been spending my time and energy in areas that aren’t urgent or important to me and I have learnt to prioritize my work and say no when my plate is too full. Kavita turned my complaints into goals and helped me become forward thinking. She asked me questions that made me realize what I was doing, and made me feel appreciated and good about myself. Kavita gave me very useful tools that I can use for the rest of my life. She made me feel comfortable and because of her tone and how she conducted our sessions, I was able to discuss very personal issues with her. I am now extremely productive and I feel more peaceful and relaxed all the time. I am very thankful for having had this opportunity to work with Kavita; it has been a life changing experience!”

Suim Shin

International School Teacher

“I would like to recommend Kavita for the work she has done for me. I have been able to discuss my personal teaching ambitions, relationships with fellow teachers and also relationships at home. Kavita has been able to refresh my energy in teaching, develop more connection with my family and help me get some insight into my future. Kavita amplifies and echos my thoughts and feeds it back to me in a meaningful and positive way.”

Wayne Harwood

International School Teacher

“I would recommend life-coaching with Kavita to anyone that was considering it. It is an investment in learning to appreciate yourself and the time that you deserve.”

Teacher, International School of Ho Chi Minh City

“Working with Kavita has been a life changing experience for me. Her genuine, calm and caring nature allowed me to immediately feel at ease to share openly and honestly about where I was at in my life. She helped me to identify and structure achievable goals and to focus on what really mattered to me. She provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations and provide ideas and strategies for next steps. She is trustworthy, very wise and insightful and helped guide me through decisions and planning. I am more confident in my abilities and about my future because of her guidance. I would highly recommend Kavita as a life coach. Thank you Kavita for your support and patience with me.”

Debbie Le Mesurier

International School Teacher

“Kavita helped me to get my life in shape in ways I had practically given up on. She helped me prioritize the personal tasks that truly benefit my life, but always fall to the side. I finally feel like I’m on the track of a healthy lifestyle! Kavita helps with gentle kindness and efficient support.”

Katherine McLean

International School Teacher

“Kavita helped me prioritize everything that was going on in my life and focus on what was most important to me. She was also able to easily identify self-sabotaging behaviors, the things I did that were making it difficult for me to achieve my goals, and then she gave me strategies I could use to help overcome those behaviors.”

Lindsey Huvers

International School Teacher

“I recommend Kavita with the strongest possible praise! Throughout our sessions she has been a kind, empathetic, and active listener. She has helped me identify patterns of behavior, and more importantly, actionable steps forward to address and rectify those behaviors. She is funny, intelligent, and very supportive. Kavita helped me to be more purposeful and mindful about my time, energy, and actions.”

Juliet Markus

International School Teacher, Vietnam

Teachers & Headmasters

“Kavita is great! She has wonderful personal and professional insight. She is very easy to talk to and is an excellent listener. She always knows the right feedback to give and has a toolbox of strategies to give you the support you need to make positive changes in your life.”

Steven Bagley

Teacher and Head of EAL

“I just received an email from a very unexpected source. Again, it demonstrates the importance of what you do with the ISHCMC teachers. “I have just completed my final session with Kavita and just wanted to thank you for providing this opportunity. I have benefited enormously from a process which I think I would have been highly skeptical of a few years ago. Strangely or perhaps not so strangely I feel Energized and Empowered.”

Adrian Watts

Headmaster International School of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

“Kavita’s kindness, honesty and quality of support is something that I want to go out of my way to acknowledge her for. She has an amazing ability to read body language, even through SKYPE calls. Her calm and relaxed manner made me feel heard and I felt comfortable opening up and talking to her about everything. I especially loved the beginning of each session when I was asked to recognize each and every thing that was going on for me and consciously put it aside. The length of the coaching (8 sessions) was perfect too.”

Jordan Currie


“When we decided to introduce a Life Coaching course for ISHCMC teachers we had obviously identified this as a need. What we didn’t know at the time, was how life changing

Kavita’s program was going to be for so many of the participants. No other professional development course that we have sponsored has had such amazingly positive feedback. ”

Adrian Watts

Headmaster International School of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

What others are saying…

“Life Coaching with Kavita was a very magical experience for me. I was excited by the opportunity to work with her and wanted to make it worth her time and mine. We started by setting three goals and we took our time in formulating them. Kavita has this beautiful ability to see the whole person she is working with. I am not “just a teacher and a wife.” She helped me to see the other parts of me and my future that needed exploring. She never told me what to do but listened and helped me to uncover what I needed.”


Dylan Citrin

“Kavita is a personable, skilled and genuine coach. She was a professional friend who I felt comfortable sharing my personal journey with. She always had a strategy or an analogy to help me make sense of an idea or example. Her genuine and non-judgmental approach meant that all my goals, struggles and successes were valued and listened to.”


“Coaching with Kavita was a really insightful and empowering experience, which I imagine I will seek to repeat as new crossroads present themselves. Her guidance through the process really helped me clarify my thinking and unblock old patterns.”

Susie M.

Rekha Jensen

“ I achieved more in 2 weeks than I had in the past 18 months, thanks to working with Kavita!”

Jasmin W.

“It sounds unbelievable but in just 2 months of life coaching with Kavita, I can proudly say that I stand in a much better place in my life! Before I met Kavita and started the life coaching, I doubted myself on a daily basis and I wasn’t even aware of it. I didn’t acknowledge my worth for any of my accomplishments. I hadn’t realized how much anxiety not feeling capable was causing me. My biggest take away from coaching is that I feel capable and feel like I can do anything I set out to do. I now approach my struggles in a much kinder way. I thank Kavita from the bottom of my heart, for helping me focus on my core positive self.”

Primary School Counselor, International School of Ho Chi Minh City

Zhenying Liang

“If you are looking for a balance back in your life to manage stressors such as work commitments, transitions, change, family, etc., Kavita will help you bring control and calm back into your life, so you feel like anything can come your way and you will cope. Bringing more peace so you can be totally present with your family and enjoy life! As cheesy as this sounds, Kavita has changed my life and given me tools to prevent falling back into old habits. Best of all, she made me figure it all out on my own, MAGIC!”

Anna Davies

Lyndsey Huvers

“I am really finding our sessions exceptionally useful, it is prompting me to recognize some very real barriers that are preventing me from succeeding!”

Tracey B

“In a short period of time Kavita helped me to not only identify my goals but how to achieve them as well. Some of the goals I held for a long time but wasn’t able to prioritize the time for myself, to make them a reality.”


Wayne Harwood

“Throughout our conversations and reflections on my progress Kavita helped me to realize these massive insights about myself and who I am. She helped me to see parts of myself that I didn’t know about. Together we grew, laughed, and learned. It was a truly remarkable experience that I would recommend to anyone that wants clarity with their life, next steps, and a better awareness of who they are.”

Ms Ittner

Kevin Mount

“I never thought I was the type of person who would need life coaching, but working with Kavita is comfortable, motivational, and insightful. As I reflected on my own behaviors, I was able to identify barriers that were in my way, reduce the noise in my mind, and push myself to be more like the person I want to be. I became more self-aware, and also more aware and considerate of the different perspectives of the people in my life. I continue to use the approaches I took from life coaching and apply them to other issues that I face. I believe that anyone would benefit from working with Kavita, as we all need an occasional nudge to make the self- improvements that we desire.”


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