Kavita Satwalekar

Founder Inner Sense Consulting

Emotional wellness advocate Kavita Satwalekar, helps educators bring balance to their lives so they feel energized and empowered to show up as the best version of themselves in the classroom.

Kavita’s signature tools and techniques combat the familiar fatigue that is well known to educators in today’s environment. In its’ place, teachers find purpose and passion so they can convey their love of teaching to the children in playful and meaningful ways.

Happy Teachers = Happy Children = Happy Families = A more stable community and a healthier world for all!

Kavita Satwalekar | Speaker

Kavita founded Inner Sense Consulting as a vehicle to combine her fourteen years of experience in executive coaching and organizational development, with her love for teachers and children. She brings tremendous talent and intuition for a fresh perspective on school wellness programs worldwide.

Kavita’s signature techniques combined with her unique ability to ‘hear the truth’, helps her enable clients to show up as the best versions of themselves; the versions they always knew they were.

Authenticity = Trusted Leader = Engaged Followers = Healthier and happier attitude and emotions at work = Success!

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