I am a passionate life coach with a strong desire to help YOU realize your ultimate potential and live your life to the fullest! 


Given the opportunity, I would love to create a safe space for you to simplify your life and learn how to prioritize, reduce your stress, become more self-aware, increase your productivity, identify and build on your core skills and gain overall clarity on what you want out of life. With my coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. My aim as a coach is to help you get unstuck from whatever is holding you back and preventing you from blossoming. 


I am certified in Brain-Based Coaching, a coaching technique that uses a proven methodology to lead you to insights and subsequent behavior changes. I also have a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Organizational Development (OD).  In the workplace as an OD professional, I have led teams, trained groups and facilitated workshops.  I have worked in the areas of cultural training, group dynamics, leadership development, motivation and executive coaching, to name a few.


I speak English, Spanish and a number of Indian languages (Hindi, Punjabi and Marathi)


I look forward to working with you!